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The Art Extension Service (AES) is a group of artists and creative sorts who love soils and collaborating with scientists as part of our professional practice. Recognizing the power of art to make abstract ideas visible and accessible, we partner with the Urban Soils Institute (USI) to design projects and structures that:

  • Educate the general public about the importance of urban soil
  • Engender stewardship of our soil and ecology
  • Create an interactive community of scientists, artists, and citizens
  • Help make soils education fun and accessible

Project: Soils is an initiative of the AES, designed to foster artist and scientist collaborations and to connect proposed projects with potential sites and funders.

Directed by Margaret Boozer and Claire Huschle, with fellow founding members J.J. McCracken, Siobhan Rigg, Dr. Scott Larson, Raina Martens, Peter Sprung, and USI Director Tatiana Morin.