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Recognizing the power of art to make abstract ideas visible and accessible, in 2018 NYC Urban Soils Institute (USI) added an Art Extension Service, and together we designed Project: Soils.

Project: Soils works to connect proposed project ideas with collaborators, potential sites, funders and other helpful resources, with the goals of:

  • Educating the general public about the importance of urban soil
  • Engendering stewardship of our soil and ecology
  • Creating an interactive community of scientists, artists, and citizens
  • Helping to make soils education fun and accessible

At the 2018 Soils Symposium artist Mary Mattingly invited us to occupy a room at Swale House on Governors Island, and organize our very first Project: Soils residencies. We are so thankful for this opportunity…the first year has been amazing, and we are looking forward to the next two! The Island is filled with cool and interesting people and organizations, all doing important work. Swale House has been bursting at the seams with an incredible richness and variety of projects and programming… Check out the list of Project: Soils residencies at Swale House HERE

Check out Mary Mattingly’s project, Swale and Swale House HERE

Project: Soils Facebook page HERE

The Art Extension Service (AES) is directed by Margaret Boozer and Claire Huschle, with assistance from fellow founding members J.J. McCracken, Siobhan Rigg, Dr. Scott Larson, Raina Martens, Peter Sprung, and USI Director Tatiana Morin. Let us know if you are interested to help out, as well!

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