Bob’s Biochar Kiln Workshop

Bob’s Biochar Kiln Workshop
Mon July 15- Sat July 20, 11-3pm
Project: Soils, Swale House
Governors Island, NY

Bob Donahue ( <>), artist, fabricator, man about town and semi-professional time traveler will be exploring ecologically beneficial methods of reducing biological material to carbon, without the use of thermonuclear devices.

As the anthropocene era continues its industry-fueled exponential growth unchecked, Bob will be designing and fabricating small-scale, reproducible/implementable bio-char kilns.

The biochar process has been used for millennia in various forms to create charcoal for uses including improving soil, smelting metals, slaking lime, firing pottery, home cooking/heating, and carbon sequestration/storage. Advances in recent centuries include capturing volatile gasses released in the charcoal production process, to then be used in gas lighting, internal combustion engines and other processes.

Given the relative simplicity of biochar, it can allow almost anyone to confront and reduce humanities’ carbon footprint through direct action, with a host of other benefits to boot.

Please do join Bob in his carbonic efforts and explorations on Governors Island, July 15th to 20th #projectsoils #usinyc #urbansoilsinstitute #swalenyc


Jul 15 2019 - Jul 20 2019


11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Swale House


Swale House
15 Nolan Park, Governors Island, NY


Bob Donahue

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