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Soil is no less important than air or water when it comes to maintaining life on this planet. The study of soil is key to growing our food, building our cities and maintaining a healthy environment. However, a strong disconnect exists between soil scientists and the general public with regard to understanding the importance of soil. Project: Soils aims to connect some dots and have fun doing it.

Art can be a universal language – one that can be understood broadly and regardless of one’s educational or socio-economic background. Art speaks to people in ways that academic publications and scientific conferences cannot.

For artists:  Because soils are all-encompassing, your art doesn’t have to involve soil directly to be involved with us. We are interested in creatives who work in any material, any style, and any platform. You’d be amazed at how many touch points can be found between soils and artistic content. Trust us on this!

For soil Scientists:  If you are interested in working with an artist, please post an abstract, ask a question, or share some research…. If you’ve got a photo to which we can attach some text, we can use this site to let artists know a little bit about what you are doing and how it is relevant to the general public.

For partners:  Are  you a potential funder? Do you have a site or venue that would be cool to host a Project: Soils collaboration? Let us know!

How does this work?

  1. If you see someone on the site you’d like to collaborate with, let us know. Fill out the form below, send a photo, send a question, send your ideas.
  2. Project: Soils  will vet requests from both artists and scientists, and we’ll let you know if someone wants to know more about you/your project. Think for artists and soil scientists!
  3. Once artist and scientist connections are made, you can work together and Submit (a very informal) Proposal – just use the box below to tell us who you are and what you want to do! 
  4. AES and USI will review these proposals on an ongoing basis.
  5. Viable proposals can be matched up with project partners when sites and funds become available.  These opportunities present themselves randomly, so having proposals ready to go is a great way to make it happen.

We would love for you to join the Project: Soils community. As of December 2018, this is all brand new and a work-in-progress, but if you can excuse the rough edges, together we can make cool stuff and create some much needed awareness about soils!

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